1. Train your hamstrings and glutes!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-fUmYw9igY The stability ball. Not just for balancing on it while doing bicep curls(joke). It’s great for training the hamstrings because it works the muscle in support(hip extension) and with knee flexion. It’s also great for sleepy butt syndrome 🍑 #forgerx #…Read More

  2. How to move the next day?

    Ever been sore after a workout? I’m sure of it. Lactic acid, heard of it? For years on end it was the belief as to why humans would be sore after a workout. The way we came about finding out about lactic acid is a little odd. Research from the 1920's found that exposure of frog legs to high levels…Read More

  3. WHY?

    WHY? You need a strategy. A mission. A clear "WHY" that is YOURS, that will function as a guide that will direct you to your goal through the ups and downs that are life. Imagine how motivated you will be with your mission in mind? Your energy, your will, your resiliency. You can't be stopped. "I wa…Read More

  4. Let’s Do Some Math

    Let's do some math. Before I begin, can I let you know I hate math? It's just not for me. But for weight loss, it's kind of important. Time to paint a picture... You want to lose weight. Nice. Let's do it. To lose weight we need to be in a caloric deficit . And let's say you maintain your weight at …Read More

  5. We Are Hiring!!!!

    Forge-Rx IS HIRING!!!! We are looking for trainers interested in taking on clients, teaching classes as well as nutrition coaches for our upcoming Braselton location and our current Winder location. This is a solid opportunity as you will have the ability to work at two facilities . If you are an i…Read More

  6. Nutrition Coach or Macro Calculator?

    A client recently asked during one of our training sessions… “So, what are these macro calculators?” “I filled out the info it asked and it shot out different numbers than what you gave me?” Basically, you can go online to “Insert website name” and get your macronutrients (proteins, fa…Read More