1. How to Measure Your Training Progress

    While adding weight to the bar is the easiest way to measure progress, it’s not always the best way to track short term improvement for more advanced individuals. There is a common misconception that if we’re not increasing the weight every workout, we’re not getting better. This couldn’t be…Read More

  2. “Binge Sitting”

    Whether you sit because of “Binge Watching”, social media addiction, your occupation, or a different reason, your risk of acquiring a chronic disease is greater than someone who does not sit for prolonged periods of time. Link below to listen to our latest Take Control Radio podcast episode #64 …Read More

  3. The Science of Fat Loss

    Summer is pretty much here and that means it’s time for washboard abs, suns out guns out, sky's out thighs out, etc. to benefit the most from these sayings, one needs to be ripped. To be ripped, one has to have a low body fat percentage. How does one achieve the art of rip-ness? I’m glad you ask…Read More

  4. Come join the fun!

    Happy Sunday ☀️ Miss us? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3x7V7PnsEM We miss you! It’s a good day when you can’t sit still because you miss your gym buds and are ready to get your workout on. If your new hit the link below to schedule a consult with one of our head trainers 👇👇👇 Wind…Read More

  5. Training for everyday activities!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdgBkdWYCf8 Our goal at Forge is to get you the body you have always wanted AND prepare you for everyday activities! 👇👇 #repost @bexcarley ・・・ What can you do on a single leg? Bilateral lifts are important, but may not always be the best option. Performing…Read More

  6. Rethink your training split!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsqvlL3SVF0 Rethink your training split! If you aren’t even considering a full body, upper/lower, or push/pull/legs split you could be missing out on some gains. If the one day a week plan(chest on Monday) works for you then by all means keep at it. But if a body pa…Read More

  7. Start your journey today!

    No excuses over here! This is Lorie. And this is her first go at working out. She has lost 20 pounds and counting. She also plans to be here every day over the holidays(except Thanksgiving, duh). Talk about dedication! Thanks Lorie for taking the leap, joining the crew, and trusting in us 😃 https…Read More

  8. Serratus Side Crunch for Healthy Shoulders!

    Strengthen your Serratus. Why? Strengthening the Serratus will help reduce the risk of shoulder injury. Insert the Serratus Side Crunch. Lay one side with the arm that’s on the floor supporting the head. The top arm is placed on the ball and is holding the ball against the wall. Perform a Side Cru…Read More

  9. Quick Guide to Building & Maintaining Muscle While Losing Fat

    Establish a Caloric Deficit. Fat loss takes time and to do so, you need to lose overall weight. Seems obvious right? Losing weight means you need a deficit of calories. When you’re in a caloric deficit your body will look for energy within the fat stores already there. If you’re not putting your…Read More