1. Sunday Vibes

    Sunday Vibes... Start your week off right before Monday even begins. Sunday is the day! What does your week look like? What work, meetings, events with your kids, do you have going on? Today is the day I take the time to do many things: Brain dump everything I need to do for the week and put it on p…Read More

  2. More Thoughts on Meal Prep

    More Thoughts on Meal Prep. Find what works for you, right? Here is whats working for me and I hope it can for you and your lifestyle. For a while I was slacking HARD on food quality. I was resorting to quick and easy... Honestly, because I could. I know enough about nutrition and train pretty hard …Read More

  3. March Warm-Up Routine.

    Move better and feel better! The Forge-Rx trainers bring your March’s warm-up. Watch it, use it, feel the difference. Happy training! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lSKe3Ccz5g&t=4s…Read More