1. Why You Shouldn’t Skip Legs At The Gym

    Because why have toothpicks when you could have trunks?In all seriousness, leg day is more than just having the biggest, most shredded wheels in the gym. It’s about functionality. To prove that those who regularly train legs are more fit for physically demanding tasks and just life in general I d…Read More

  2. 3 Ways To Keep Your Diet Simple For Results

    Don’t make this complicated.If you’re working with a nutrition coach already and you’re in the trenches with tracking your macros, don’t overthink the process. Perhaps you’re newer to this whole idea. Nutrition is a very dense topic for certain, but you certainly don’t have to seek out t…Read More

  3. Adherence Is The Name Of The Game

    I am sure we could argue all day about what diet is the best, or what the research says about a diet. Sugar is bad, gluten or no gluten, low carb or high carb. Blah, blah, blah. It is a waste of my time and I will leave it for the zealots out there. But what we can’t argue about (I hope) is that a…Read More

  4. We Are All Different

    We Are All Different You are different in so many ways compared to the person next to you, right? You have your own issues: …Limitations …lifestyle …eating habits …and goals So why aren’t you on your own training and nutrition protocol specifically for you? Don’t get me wrong, group work…Read More

  5. Training for Life

    What do I mean by that exactly? Well, you tell me.It can go one of two ways.Getting fitter so that everyday tasks become much easier i.e (moving furniture, bringing all your groceries inside in one trip, opening the pickle jar, etc..) or the ability to continue moving / training for the duration of …Read More

  6. Your Goals are My Career

    Thoughts on achieving success. I’ve been doing this for a while now — coaching and training people to become stronger, more flexible, leaner, more fit and all around healthier. I hear people talk about what they want to achieve with their body, mindset, career, life, family, etc. all the tim…Read More

  7. I Just Did My Last CrossFit Workout

    Just kidding.Well, kind of…I am sure I will see a workout on the white board I just have to do, or get wrangled into a knarly WOD and just have to suffer with some friends, plus I know when the 2018 CrossFit open comes around I will catch the bug again and sign up.But for now, my focus is on other…Read More

  8. Exercise is Medicine: Setting Health and Fitness Goals for Life

    Let’s be honest, the majority of our population views exercise as a hassle or inconvenience and more times than not, will begin an exercise program with only short term goals in mind. There is a classic rollercoaster every year when it comes to people incorporating fitness into their daily lives. …Read More

  9. You’ve been lied to..

    This blog is piggy backing off of our latest video with trainer and nutrition coach Cody. We dived into some diet “cutting” myths as he prepares for his first every bodybuilding show. It is going to be very cool to see his body transform over these next couple months. Good luck bra! If you misse…Read More

  10. What To Do If You Have Stalled In Your Training

    What To Do If You Have Stalled In Your TrainingThis is a common issue among relatively newer exercisers and athletes. They see great progress for the first six months to a year, and then it happens. Out of nowhere it seems as though they can’t get stronger, or more enduring. Maybe their physique …Read More