1. Reading nutrition client intakes…

    This weeks new client intakes coming in looked like this.... 👇 1. Not eating enough food 2. Protein intakes were way too low. 👇 If you are reading this... The diet that worked for you last year will not work again this year. Your body will adapt, so take 6-8 months and learn to increase your f…Read More

  2. Protein Packed Crockpot Gumbo

    One of my father in laws favorite things to cook when we go to the beach is his famous gumbo made with fresh shrimp caught that day. I needed a healthier less time consuming recipe that could be enjoyed all the time, so here it is. Healthy Protein Packed crockpot Gumbo  404g fresh okra diced 234g o…Read More

  3. Macro Food List!

    Forge-Rx Macros List MyFitnessPal or My Macros are great tools you can use to log your food and get a handle on how much you’re eating every day. Still, it's hard to figure out what items exactly to choose when you're logging food – sometimes there is a discrepancy between the macros and calorie…Read More

  4. Take A Diet Break?

    Here’s something you aren’t doing...taking diet breaks from your actual diet! First off...we never advocate anything quick. If you are on a diet to reach a goal it should be thought out with a plan for before, during, and after the diet. Let’s say your goal is to lose 20 pounds. That should ta…Read More

  5. Memories Over Macros

    The holidays are for relaxing, enjoying the company of family and friends, and making precious memories. Stressing out on the numbers and missing out on the moments with friends and family is just not that ideal/healthy in my eyes. But Just because it is a holiday, doesn’t mean that you should go …Read More

  6. Stop Eating When You Are Full!

    As funny as this picture is you should learn to stop eating when you are full! * Be aware of your hunger signals and stop eating when you are satisfied, but not stuffed. * Want to stay on track with your diet during the holidays? * Along with learning to know when to stop eating make sure you keep u…Read More

  7. Try This Comfort Food Recipe!

    Cold weather is upon us so I know everyone is going to be craving that comfort food. Here is a delicious veggie and protein packed soup that I’m sure you will enjoy. Serve this with a delicious homemade corn bread or store boxed one it’s all good. All Things Green, Beans, And Chicken Soup INGRED…Read More


    Football season and fall is upon us. What that mean snack food and comfort food boom! I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to blow all my hard work out the window on the weekends, but I still want to enjoy my food. This is a friendly individual snack or meal recipe. You can also increase the…Read More

  9. Is It Bad To Eat A Lot Of Fruit?

    A couple weeks ago me and a friend were talking about nutrition. We had discussed various aspects of nutrition but one thing he said caught my attention. He said that he had heard it was “bad to eat a lot of fruit because of the sugar in fruit.” He went on to say this had been a common belief wi…Read More