1. 5/3/1 Strength Programming

    I have talked to different members at Forge-Rx Winder and have been asked what programming I follow for strength. I use Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1: The Simplest and Most Effective Training System to Increase Raw Strength. There are two options you can use with the 5/3/1 method. The sets and reps are the …Read More

  2. If you aren’t eating right it’s all for naught!

    You can exercise by getting your 10,000 steps, going to a gym, attending a class, walk your neighborhood, hike, bike, kayak, Zumba..... however, no matter how much exercise you do, if you aren’t eating right it’s all for naught.  Sufficient and regular consumption of fruits and veggies is widel…Read More

  3. Kimchi Fried Rice

    Here is a recipe that keeps well and helps boost the immune system for the “back to school” sicknesses! Also you can mix and match veggies to suit your families tastes. If you want to keep it on the mild side, substitute Kimchi for Sauerkraut or just use less. 1–2 Tablespoon oil (peanut oil g…Read More

  4. Making the case for frozen fruits and veggies

    Making the case for frozen fruits and veggies! Frozen Produce was Vine Ripened, capturing the nutrients and fiber, making it convenient, cost effective, less wasteful eating in an season with much needed variety! New Take Control Radio Podcast episode: https://soundcloud.com/…/episode-66-making-th…Read More

  5. Confidence

    Has there ever been a time where your confidence wavered on a lift or a workout or anything in life? I can recall many times where I have walked up to a bar or looked at the workout, and thought briefly “I don’t know if I got this”, and many times after, I did not get the lift or do well in a …Read More

  6. Aesthetics or Performance?

    There is a lot of debate in the nutrition word that you can’t have Aesthetics AND performance? Unfortunately this is true. Sucks doesn’t it? And what sucks even more is when there are genetic outliers who can have it both. Yes, there are people out there who just have it better than you. We hate…Read More

  7. Take Control Radio Episode 7: Meal Prep 101

    You all are going to love episode 7 of Take Control Radio! Hang with Mary Ann, Meagan and Evan the Nutrition Coaches of Forge-Rx as they get a little goofy and chat Meal Prep 101. Link below. https://soundcloud.com/user-798191510/episode-7-meal-prep-101…Read More

  8. From The Ashes A Phoenix Will Rise

    If you were meeting me for the first time today, you would find a strong, confident, self-assured, beautiful, healthy, self-loving, smart, sexy woman. Many of you reading those first few lines are right now thinking man, she is full of herself. Just being able to write those few words and believing …Read More

  9. March Member of the Month

    This months Member of the Month is Hannah, and she is a rock star! Check out our interview with her... How old are you and where are you from? This year I will turn thirty!  I grew up in Grayson..I live in Bethlehem now. What hobbies do you have outside of the gym? My list of hobbies is long.. :) …Read More

  10. The Meal Frequency Deal

    What's the deal with meal frequency? Do you have to eat every 2 hours? What do you do? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eeTHFFr42SI…Read More