1. Individualized Nutrition Coaching All The Way!

    Why do you need an individually designed nutrition program? Really, what I am going to try and do is convince you that you need a nutrition coach over a template. A template is basically a program that is designed to reach a wide variety of people instead of focusing 100% on one person’s needs. Wh…Read More

  2. Lose the Meal Plan

    Let me tell you why you should ditch the templated meal plan. Now, I am not saying it doesn’t have a place. Maybe you are a high level athlete and need everything very precise and exact when it comes to your nutrition and supplementation. Understandable. Or, maybe following a plan and having struc…Read More

  3. Meal Prep 101 or Nah?

    I want to get real with you guys and gals. I am not the most consistent or disciplined person when it comes to my nutrition, and to be honest I think that’s what you need to hear. Not all fitness and nutrition coaches are perfect. We have flaws just like you. So don’t think your typical Sunday m…Read More

  4. The Secret to Weight Loss

    The secret to weight loss? Don’t hate me, but there isn’t a secret. The basics works. In fact, you are going to hate me even more when I tell you that… NOT ONLY is there no secret, but the best way to lose fat and keep it off is to take time and do it slow. I’m sorry! Can I move on though? B…Read More

  5. Dish It Up Q&A

    Come hang with the Forge-Rx Nutrition crew Tuesday, March 13th from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. for our Dish It Up Q&A! Our coaches are bringing their favorite healthy macro dish and will be ready to answer all your nutrition questions. What do we need from you? Bring your favorite healthy meal and…Read More

  6. Is Something Holding You Back?

    Is Something Hold You Back? Ok…so you are on your weight loss journey. One day something clicked and you told yourself enough is ENOUGH. It’s time to make a change. You felt like sh*t, your energy sucked, and you had no confidence. Guess what?! Weight loss, eating better and exercise helps the a…Read More

  7. Don’t Be a Bandwagon Dieter!

    All diets work! So before you hop on the next dieting craze make sure it can fit your lifestyle and you can be consistent because that is all that matters.  …Read More

  8. Nutritional Seasons

    My blog posts are for me to simply training and nutrition the best I can for you to take ACTION today. For more of an in depth chat about what I am talking about below feel free to email me at evan@forge-rx.com because this concept can get really specific, but here we go… Know your seasons. What e…Read More

  9. Cheat Day?

    Having a cheat day is a great way to cancel out your diet during the week. Instead, learn to look at meals as just another meal. Go eat a burger, because that’s just what you do. If we restrict ourselves of certain foods in general or isolate them to specific days or meals we are asking to wreak h…Read More

  10. Let’s Talk Hypertension

    In many individuals, hypertension (high blood pressure) is linked to their weight, and eating and lifestyle habits.  Along with surging levels of obesity and diabetes in America, hypertension is reaching epidemic numbers.  The most concerning aspect of hypertension is that it is a silent disease, …Read More