Tip #1 when dieting is to keep your protein high as calories decrease. Why? Protein is very difficult to store as bodyfat. It aids in satiety, or the feeling of being full. This is SUPER important as calories decrease. And, when calories drop through your diet, protein is there to help maintain your muscle, and help you recover from your workouts. For me, I usually start my diet at 195 lbs, and maintain that amount as my weight drops.

Tip #2 when dieting is to keep training how you were! This isn’t the time to do just high rep/low weight and HIIT training every day. Keep training the way that helped build your body in the first place. You create the muscle by intense training and your diet to reduce fat via a caloric deficit. So, train hard through the diet.

Finally, do not rush the process. Far too often I see people take a small window of time to reach their weight loss goal. This is a big NO-NO! Take your time, don’t drop weight fast, and be patient. If you go too fast your training will suffer as well as your recovery. Remember tip #2 and how important training was throughout this process. If you can’t recover, training intensity goes down the drain. When I diet my clients, we take months to get to where the client wants to be. This allows us to maintain as much muscle as possible, take diet breaks, so that when you reach your goal physique you can make sure you sustain your results! Don’t forget to make this a lifestyle.

I hope this help. Reach out if you want to chat.

-Evan, evan@forge-rx.com