There is a lot of debate in the nutrition word that you can’t have Aesthetics AND performance? Unfortunately this is true. Sucks doesn’t it? And what sucks even more is when there are genetic outliers who can have it both. Yes, there are people out there who just have it better than you. We hate them.

…Sorry…that last part was me crying myself a river as I was thinking about myself…back on track Evan…

This is a real issue and I wanted to write a quick blurb in hopes that people read this and get out of their own head. It is real life that we all have body image issues. It’s one of the reasons we got into exercise and eating better. We wanted to look good for the opposite sex.

That’s all good and well. If that is your goal then focus on aesthetics. To have a six pack means eating less, caloric deficit, and it means performance isn’t your main goal.

Now let’s say you are really good at a sport. Weightlifting, CrossFit, Marathon running, whatever. Know this…if you choose to go this route, how you look goes out the window. Now I am not saying you won’t look good. You are going to have muscle, some abdominal lines, and get looks from the opposite sex, it just shouldn’t be your main focus. Your main goal is to kick a** at your sport and that is it.

This means fueling your training, eating lots of carbs and recovering appropriately to the demands of your sport. It also means living at a higher % body fat.

I am writing this because people need to set themselves straight. Pick one or the other and go with it. You can’t bounce back and forth.

I talk to so many people who struggle with “wanting to look good,” but also getting stronger or being afraid of losing their muscle. Pick one or the other or strategize your year of training and physique.

I have struggled with this issue ever since I got into fitness and I have just come to terms with who I am. Aesthetics will and always will be my main focus. I can’t kick it from my brain. I have just come to terms with knowing my performance will not be where it is. I don’t worry about what weight is on the bar, my time or how many rounds I got in a workout. I just train and try and balance recovery and how I look the best I can. In the end, know your goals and stick to it.