We have the Donatelli family for this months Braselton Member(s) of the Month!

What a fun crew and it’s cool to see a family that loves each other enough to workout together. HAHA!

Here is what they said during out interview with them.


Megan Donatelli:

31 & I’m from a little bit of everywhere

Hobbies include and are limited to Max 😂

I’ve always been active and into fitness but I can say at 31, I’m in the best shape of my life
Least favorite running. Favorite squats
Forge accomplishment: deadlifts and hang cleans
One thing you probably don’t know is that I’m a huge Disney nerd 🤓
Favorite thing about classes is the variety each and every time you work out
All of the coaches are so different in the way they coach but they all want the very best for you. It’s nice to get coached different ways
Celebrity dinner… Justin Timberlake
Food that shouldn’t be in my pantry…. chips
I can’t think of my most embarrassing moment but ask again in a few months when Max is talking more and I’m sure I’ll have one for you
Biggest fitness goal is to continue to get stronger and healthier
Perfect night is hanging out with Max with no tv/phone distractions
John Donatelli:
  1. Turn 60 this month.
  2.  Running, golf, most outdoor activities.
  3. We eat better and smarter now, don’t want to waste all those hard hours we put in at the gym
  4. Favorite – deadlifts, Least favorite – burpees
  5. Hardest challenge so far was holding that squat pose during that Sally song
  6. Most proud of my personal best dead lift
  7. I once tried to cross the St. Lawrence Seaway in a row boat, bad idea.
  8. Biggest accomplishment is being able to keep up with the younger members during workouts
  9. I like the variety of the classes offered, never get bored
  10. I like the different personalities and high energy levels of the coaches
  11. I would have dinner with Bruce Springsteen.  I have been enjoying his music for 40+ years now.
  12. Potato Chips
  13. Walking into a bathroom door during one of my hotel stays, gave myself a black eye.
  14. Being snowed in up in the mountains
  15. Favorite thing about  Forge – People are great and workouts never gets old.  Best gym I have ever belonged to.
  16. Goal – Make 3 times per week for one full month


Kathy Donatelli:

I’m about to turn 56 on February 12th and a proud West Virginia girl, born and raised.
Reading and old movies.
MB slams are my favorite and burpees are my least favorite.
Without a doubt, push-ups
Being able to hang on the bar for 30 seconds
I’ve become far more consistent and confident
I’m an Elvis Presley fanatic
I’m closer all the time to better push-ups
They are the best at encouraging you to try harder
Circle back to Elvis 🕺
Anything sweet
I walked into the men’s bathroom at a  Christmas party John’s company was having and no I wasn’t even drunk 🥴
Netflix, pajamas, John and wine
Absolutely everything and I mean that sincerely
To continue to workout and eat healthy
Keep your health apart of your family tradition! We love it!
-Forge-Rx staff