Lorie! What a sweety! Forge is thrilled to have her has Member of the Month.

“Ok, here ya go!
I am 57 and original from Long Beach California. I have lived in Georgia for 14 years now. I have tried all different types of exercise and nothing has ever worked for me. I am actually very shy and to step foot into a gym is a big scary deal. Forge RX has made me feel special and welcomed from day one! The coaches are amazing! Brent is awesome! He is always so good to modify things for my ability/age 🤣. Going to Forge-Rx has really increased my confidence and over all health! I love the variety of work outs we do. I wouldn’t care if we didn’t ever do burpees again! Forge-Rx has such a family feel,it really helps with accountability. My goal is to continue to work out 4-5 days a week and be the best me I can be. I have learned you are never too old to start working out! Thanks Forge-Rx! I have finally found something I love to do!!”
– Forge team