So WORTH sharing! Give this AWESOME testimonial a read! We love our clients and all the hard work they are putting in! And our Nutrition Coaches are #1 💪

“I would like to tell you about my awesome nutrition coach, Meagan, and how I came to work with her. I am a forty-something mother and wife. I have two teenage boys who are busy and I work in education. My calendar is full! The decision to work with a nutrition coach was not something that happened over night. I have struggled with my weight for years and it has actually taken quite a long time for me to be really ready to tackle this. I have tried some weight loss programs, worked with nutritionists, and tried it on my own. I have not been very successful with these attempts.

Over the years my weight has slowly increased and I have had some issues with my blood pressure. A couple of trips to the emergency room with high readings gave me motivation to make some changes.

I finally decided to start and Meagan became my new “go-to” person. My weight loss has been slow and I have decided that slow is okay with me. In five and half months I am down fourteen pounds.

Meagan is amazing! She gives me the Macro numbers to aim for and I do my best to follow. If I go off path, she patiently waits for me to get back on track. If something is not working for me, we make an adjustment. Sometimes I get frustrated that the number on the scale is not moving down much and Meagan reminds me that the number is not going up either. Did I mention she is patient? She is REALLY patient. Along with giving me helpful feedback and suggestions, she always has positive things to say about this journey.

It took a little while for my food habits to begin to change. I still crave foods that are not ideal and I do indulge sometimes, but overall I am consistently making better food choices. My body feels better and that makes me happy.

Meagan is a perfect fit for me as a nutrition coach because she is realistic about what my everyday life is about. She gets it… I have kids— She does too! Mine are teenagers – She has teenagers! My life is really busy working and hauling kids around – So is hers! I need a recipe- She has some she will send me! I have a question in between our meetings—I can text her!

This isn’t a set program that is supposed to work for everyone. This is something that is customized to you and your lifestyle. The meetings are with just you and your nutrition coach. This is a unique thing! If you are on the fence about getting someone to work with, get in touch with her and give the program a try.”

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