Has there ever been a time where your confidence wavered on a lift or a workout or anything in life?

I can recall many times where I have walked up to a bar or looked at the workout, and thought briefly “I don’t know if I got this”, and many times after, I did not get the lift or do well in a workout due to that brief disbelief in myself. It is funny to me how a simple mindset change of confidence, can have you snatching 265lb, even when you just missed 260lbs, or running a sub 6:30 mile while your most up to date run was 30 seconds slower.

Confidence may not always get you the best score or the strongest lift out there but having confidence can get you YOUR best score and/or YOUR strongest lift.

So the question now becomes how do you get that confidence? Well it is simple, whatever you’re aiming to get better at, do more often! More repetition, more time under tension, more time being exposed to the element and environment you are in. Easier said than done, do it little by little. A great example would be stretching. If you stretch very little or none at all then and you want to get more mobility, commit yourself to doing at least 5 minutes every other day until you are able to do every day.

-Andre, coach at Forge-Rx