Nutrition plays a vital role in helping you achieve your fitness goals just as much as your gut health can better power your next workout!  

Have you ever known a person who can down a giant burrito, only to go out and complete the best HIIT workout of their life? There are a few and those are the lucky. If you, on the other hand, have ever had to grind through a workout with an upset stomach gritting through the discomfort and wondering when your side ache will cease, you know first hand how unpredictable your GI tract can be.

But is it really that unpredictable?

Getting in a good workout takes hard work and at Forge-RX, we want to help you get that. We offer a myriad of health and wellness options from fitness classes and personal training to a nutrition program for parents, athletes, bodybuilders, and more! Follow along today and better understand how your gut health may be impacting your training.

The Case of an Upset Stomach

Do you ever have belly bloat that is so uncomfortable all you want to do is plop and veg out on the couch, forgoing your workout because of it? Or, do you get cramps or indigestion that last throughout the day and when you go to jump rope or run it takes everything in you not to hurl?

If you’re experiencing any sort of gut issues that are impacting the way you workout, it is keeping you from hitting your fitness goals and perhaps even progressing.

So, what do you do about these lovely time-ticking gut bombs? You center and ground your nutrition.

The SAD (standard American diet) doesn’t do much for athletes or fitness enthusiasts trying to make gains, build muscle or lose weight — in fact, it really isn’t beneficial for anyone. Nutrition focused around the SAD is full of processed foods high in sugar and carbs while neglecting veggies and fruit — whole foods in general. If the SAD sounds like you, this may be contributing to GI upset and an overall unbalanced microbiome.

Paging Your Microbiome

We just mentioned the microbiome, but what is it? If you’ve heard of probiotics and gut health, the microbiome is just another part of the puzzle.

Your microbiome exists within your body, from tongue to toes! What’s beautiful about our body is its an allied ecosystem that interacts with the outside environment, which makes our gut the frontline of our immune system when it’s exposed to new bacteria and microbes from the things you eat and drink. What goes on in your microbiome and namely your gut affects your mood, brain, and central nervous system.

The microbiome is composed of bacteria (microbes) that live on and within your body. The microbiota is the collection of these microbes, while the microbiome is the entire set of genes within these microbes — and that is what makes everyone’s microbiome unique and different. The way the microbes colonize in specific areas of your body and how they colonize is different for each person. Your microbiome is exclusive to you because it’s a blend of the kinds of bacteria you’re exposed to in an ever-fluctuating colony. Microbes colonize in different parts of your body and are ever-changing based on factors such as:

  • Geography
  • Stress
  • Health
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Diet

Is an upset gut keeping you from fitness? We have just begun to explore the microbiome and we have much more to cover, so anticipate part two of this blog coming very soon!

If you’re ready to tackle your gut health and improve your fitness goals, reach out with us today and get started with a personal trainer and nutrition plan catered specifically to you!