Imagine what would happen if you are sitting in a job interview and when the boss asks what you are seeking for compensation you say …

1. I would like 22% commission on everything I sell and at least 15% retail profit on each sale. And, a professional website for prospects and private office of my own where I can track everything about my work including all my customers, my earnings, and the progress of my team.

2. I need to set my own schedule and work only when it suits me and my family. If, for example, I go on vacation for a month or two I would still need to be paid.

3. I expect the Company to provide me with all the free training I need to become knowledgeable. I also will need a dedicated team of prestigious doctors and nurses available to me 24/7 to answer any questions I, my team, or my customers may have.

4. I expect the Company to manufacture the product; warehouse it; ship to my end users; and handle payment processing. I don’t want to purchase any inventory either.

5. When I bring in and train any new members of my team I want to be compensated a percentage of their sales and the sales of the people THEY bring in. Five to nine percent would be good.

6. I would like the opportunity to rapidly advance within the company and never be demoted. I’d also like a chance to earn a bonus for each promotion I earn.

7. When I do well, I expect LOTS of praise and recognition! I would also like to get a bonus when I help other people get promoted, too!

8. I would also like my family members and friends of my choosing to be able to work here.

9. If I do well and prove myself I will need an expense allowance of up to $3,000 every month to help build the business. I’d also like some tuition reimbursement for each one of my family members and a $1,000 Christmas bonus each year would be nice, too!

10. I’d also like a FULL BENEFITS PACKAGE for my whole family including life insurance; medical, disability; long term care; dental and vision.
And, to show you this is a two-way street I will give you $50 per year.

So… when can I start?

After the boss recovers from shock and stops laughing he will probably say “You can’t be serious, you must be dreaming”. 

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