A couple weeks ago me and a friend were talking about nutrition. We had discussed various aspects of nutrition but one thing he said caught my attention. He said that he had heard it was “bad to eat a lot of fruit because of the sugar in fruit.” He went on to say this had been a common belief with many people. Immediately after he said this I found myself contemplating if I had ever in my life ever thought this. Later in the week I did some research on it and came across a Q&A video done by Dr. Robert Morse. Throughout the video he discussed how fruits and vegetables we’re what humans were primarily meant to eat, but there was one part where he broke down sugar into its most basic form, carbon. If we must know anything about carbon, we have to know that carbon is the building block that creates energy. Carbon itself is essential to create life. As he continued along in the Q&A he went on to mention that sugar can be broken down into 3 simple sugar

1.)    Fructose-  simple fruit sugar

2.)    Glucose-vegetable sugar

3.)    Galactose milk sugar. *1

Furthermore, I did a little bit of research on fructose. My findings included that fructose derived in added sugar such as sugar added to foods, sugar sweetened beverages, and high fructose corn syrup cause an increase in uric acid in the body*2. Since the body isn’t meant to break down chemically produced sugars the body must then create uric acid to compensate for increase in purines in the body now. Purines are produced naturally in the body but if high levels found in the body it can produce hyperuricemia*3. In contrast fruits that are high in fructose had no harmful effect but actually produced a net metabolic benefit*4. I also went on to find that fruits such as goji berries and red hot chili peppers can actually lead to nerve regeneration*5.

Now this anecdote isn’t to say go eat every chili pepper and goji berry you see. But rather to create a regular and sustainable consumption of fruits to your diet. Fruits that you actually like and can grab on the go. If you’re interested in trying new things, then obviously try a different exotic fruit. Since there are over 2000 different types of fruit in the world. Just making this one addition to our diet will help our minds and body tremendously.

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Josh Hunter—Trainer and Nutrition Coach, josh@forge-rx.com