So you are ready to “cut” or lean out? Perfect, I just started the process with one of my clients as she wants to look bangin’(really good) for the summer. Here is how I do it…

First off, she earned the right to diet. We took a very long offseason where we got her calories up as high as she can while watching the scale. Along with eating more food, she trained hard and now has some new muscle mass for when the fat is gone. We also kept cardio as low as possible (more on this in a bit).

Like with all my clients we have a game plan. We discuss goals, the plan for the off season and when we will start to lean out. We have tracked all of her food intake, weight, measurements, so we have a base to work with and will continue to monitor as we move forward.

We are talking 4 months to lose about 12-13 pounds. Yeah you read that right. Slow and steady baby, which will allow us to take our time and not rush. We aren’t doing any cardio as we will use this tool when we need it. If you are already doing a decent amount of cardio you will have to add on top of that which will not be fun. When it is time to add cardio we will start slow.  A couple times a week for 10 minutes and progress from there when things stall.

The plan is to lose about .5 to a pound each week or so which will allow us to reach our goal for when my client would like to. While we progress through the diet I have some tools I will incorporate. We have an open communication of email chats and an in person conversation every 10 days where we will assess how things are going. When I talk to her I might decide to incorporate a diet break here and there for mental purposes or if weight stalls, just to give her a breather as dieting can get pretty stressful. Along with a break here and there I plan to incorporate 1 to 2 refeeds a week usually back to back as another way to ignite her weight loss if her weight doesn’t move and give her something to look forward to during the weekend (who doesn’t love more food).

During a cut like this monitoring and keeping an open line of communication is extremely important. We will discuss everything from sleep, energy levels, stress and other forms of tracking progress like measurements and pictures.

Stay tuned for the final product!