Let’s do some math.

Before I begin, can I let you know I hate math?

It’s just not for me.

But for weight loss, it’s kind of important.

Time to paint a picture…

You want to lose weight.

Nice. Let’s do it.

To lose weight we need to be in a caloric deficit .

And let’s say you maintain your weight at 2,000 calories a day.

We take it easy and subtract 10% of that intake per day which equals 200 calories.

Those 200 calories per day, multiplied over 7 days, can equal 1400 calories total per week.

Still with me?

If you aren’t lost by the math yet, basically this means we should start to see you lose weight.

BUT, you want to fit a cheat meal in there.

That cheat meal is something like pasta and cheesecake from your favorite Italian restaurant.

Come to find out…that pasta dish was 1,000 calories and that cheesecake was at least 500 calories.

Oh, and you probably ate more food throughout the day, nibbled on an appetizer, and had a beer or two.

We don’t even need to worry about the math at this point!

That one cheat meal literally put you over your caloric deficit in one day or POTENTIALLY in a surplus.

A surplus means you are eating more calories than your are burning.

Long story short….

…Or in math terms, all of the above means you are either maintaining or gaining weight.

You MUST rethink your cheat meal to see results.

Need help?

Just let me know.

-Evan, evan@forge-rx.com