I want to get real with you guys and gals. I am not the most consistent or disciplined person when it comes to my nutrition, and to be honest I think that’s what you need to hear. Not all fitness and nutrition coaches are perfect. We have flaws just like you. So don’t think your typical Sunday meal prep is what you need to do to get results. Plain and simple, just find what works for you. What kind of “prep” can you make fit your life and you can be consistent. Now granted, I am saying you don’t have to do a full blown out meal prep extravaganza, but there needs to be some form of structure. I like to call it structured flexibility. So here are two “Meal Prep” ideas that can work for you that I use.

Just ask yourself what meal do you struggle with the most? A lot of people struggle with breakfast and find the rest of the day pretty easy. Whether you rush out to work or have to deal with your kids you just don’t have time for yourself. You could easily make a smoothie the night before and run out the door with it or heat up 2 packets of oatmeal while you are shaving and then throw a scoop of whey protein in there and you are ready to rock that 9 a.m. meeting. Or maybe it’s dinner? Instead of the mac daddy of Sunday Meal Prep you cook your protein for the week that Sunday. You are talking maybe 1 hour not HOURS.   When you get home from a long day of work you can chop up some veggies to sauté, heat the meat up with it and microwave a bag of rice. No need to pick up fast food on the way home or raid the pantry that meal will take you 10 minutes tops. Set yourself up for success by planning your most inconsistent meal of the day out.

What else works? Not that it’s the most ideal, but knowing during the day where you can eat out and still make progress. Like I said, it’s not ideal, but giving yourself some flexibility with your diet and learning to eat outside of a meal plan is good for you. Egg White Grilled Chicken Sandwich from Chic Fil A? Chipotle bowl for lunch? A filet, asparagus, and a baked potato from Longhorn’s? All very reasonable meals. Learning the skill, that if you didn’t have time to make a meal or maybe you forgot your meal, that you can still find a place to make a healthy decision is huge.

As you can see, somewhat unorthodox way of thinking, but could work for your lifestyle? Try it out and give yourself some structured flexibility. Comment below your Meal prep tips. I want to hear from you!