More Thoughts on Meal Prep.

Find what works for you, right?

Here is whats working for me and I hope it can for you and your lifestyle.

For a while I was slacking HARD on food quality.

I was resorting to quick and easy…

Honestly, because I could.

I know enough about nutrition and train pretty hard to get by.

Is that optimal though?


I recently stepped my morning game up by ditching the snooze button and getting up earlier.

For a while I was getting up around 7, letting my dogs out to go to the bathroom, rushing to get ready, and heading to work.

On the way to work I would buy Starbucks and a tub of Greek Yogurt to munch on throughout the day.

Talk about setting a good example, huh?

My bad.

Here’s the game plan now.

I wake up early and get my cooking in before I leave.

I can already hear your complaining creeping down my spine.

I’m literally cringing.

And you know what?

I made those excuses as well, but no more.

If you are wanting to make a lifestyle change, lose weight, feel better, reduce your medication, then step up to the plate.

I know you have kids, an hour long commute to work…

But, its your health.

So set that alarm…15 minutes earlier? and at least make lunch? And some snacks.

For me, I wake up at 5, make a glass of water, some coffee, and start my morning by reading for 30 minutes.

Then I usually work a bit, check some emails, hang with my dogs then start cooking.

Don’t over complicate this process.

Around 7 a.m. I have breakfast and through the process of cooking my meal I start to make the two meals I need for the day.

Some kind of protein like chicken or ground beef.

I might have made some veggies the night before for dinner I can use for my meals the day of or honestly…I microwave bags of veggies(life saver).

And for carbs…again…simplicity…I usually heat up rice.

I throw my two meals in Tupperware and I am good to go.

All my food is usually sauteed on a pan. I like this to have some crispness. I don’t bake unless it’s potatoes or veggies.

Don’t forget to make some water to sip on throughout the day as well.

For dinner, I come home and make what I want.

Again, it’s one more thing to add to your life, but I have felt better, trained harder, and gotten a lot more done in the day, just by getting up a tad earlier.

You can tweak your nutritional needs depending on your goals and even cook the night before.

I hope this helps and if you need guidance just shoot me an email.