I am sure we can all agree that making better food choices has a lot to do with what goes on in our head. I talk to so many people who say they know what to do they just can’t seem to make it happen. Whether it’s putting in the effort to cook a healthier meal instead of resorting to something easier and less optimal, or they can’t fight their urges and resort to snacking or binge eating.

First off, you need to understand that changing your mentality doesn’t happen overnight. You can’t go from where you were to what you need to do with the snap of your fingers. So don’t beat yourself up over this and just tell yourself you are going to make an effort to make one small change TODAY.

Why not train your brain?

When you have negative thoughts I want to you to deny your brain from giving into those urges. You are tired after a long day and don’t want to cook. IMMEDIATELY, turn that negative into a positive and tell yourself you are going to cook that meal. You are watching T.V. and get an urge to go raid the pantry. NOT tonight! Because you aren’t hungry. Your brain is wanting you to go through your nightly routine of grabbing some cookies and watching Game of Thrones (great show by the way). Doing this overtime will minimize thoughts you have.

And what if you do give in?

That’s ok. You need to learn to talk to yourself and let your mind know that it happened. You gave in. It’s ok. Learn to move on, because you can’t beat yourself up. Try not to take yourself so serious. In the end we are talking food. Brush off what happened and get back on track immediately. You can even find a way to let out what happened. Write it down or find someone to talk to who is struggling with the same urges.

Even the most discipline can’t fight certain urges. They have just gotten good at having them less frequent which you can do as well.

Sometimes I can’t tell myself to stop eating. I know I am full, but my taste buds win. What are your struggling with?