What’s my new favorite exercise?

It’s the Banded Hip Thrust!



Let’s be honest…sometimes after a long day of work I really just don’t want to load up a barbell.


Because the pump is unreal! If you want to feel your hips working hard than add the banded hip thrust to your routine 1 x per week.

Pro tip:

I have been doing legs 2 x per week. If you want to grow a muscle group I recommend increasing your volume to 2-3 x’s per week.

Set up?

It’s so easy! Grab a band or multiple ones for intensity and set up on a squat rack using the hooks on the barbell.

Grab a bench…

…and your done!

Lay your middle back on the bench, drive through your heels, extend your hips until your shoulders and hips are in line and squeeze your booty.


Over extend your hips at the top.


Keep your chin tucked and ribs down to prevent arching from happening.

Rep scheme? I have been doing higher reps of about 15 with a 2 second pause at the top for a killer burn! 3-5 sets after I squat or deadlift.

Check me out in action below…

So give this exercise a try! And email me at evan@forge-rx.com to tell me how you enjoyed my new favorite exercise.

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