Want to never “meal prep” ever again?

Throw out your endless supply of mismatching tupperware?

Take back the US Avg 5.9hrs PER WEEK a US Women spends cooking & cleaning after meals…

And instead have meals shipped overnight to your front door step?

…at the click of a button on your phone

Gone are the days of…

“Smelly fridges” with meals that are on the borderline of going bad 5 days after making them

Why?—>Vacuum sealed & dry-ice packed in eco friendly insulation for below 38 degree delivery

“Out of the way pickups” no more changing your routine up to go pick up meals (or forgetting to) and having meals go bad days after getting them

Why–>hand-delivered directly to your doorstep

“Brain numbing” weighing and measuring to make sure your portions are right

Why–>every single portion is consistent and machine measured

Eating the same meal over & over with the same sauce or spice you hate.

Why–>All meals are spiceless & sauceless. Whole. Plain. Simple. Fresh. So you can personalize to your pallet. Feeling spicy one day? Go for it. Sweet another? Go for it. Honey-mustard-y. All you. BBQ-y? Slather it on.

If you know anyone who doesn’t want to:

cook anymore

grocery shop anymore

Clean endless plates & dishes, pots & pans,

Make healthy eating more convenient than unhealthy eating

And take their life back

…and wants all this, and meals delivered directly to their door

??I have just become a founding meal provider of Done For You Meals ?


Anyone who I refer over (my clients) get a discount of $2.00/meal(!)


FREE next day air shipping.

So if you know anyone who wants to get a full day of their life back every week and never think about eating healthy ever again.