Andrew! You are the man, and Forge is so happy to have you apart of our tribe. Check out our interview with this months Member of the Month below.


How old are you and where are you from?

22 & I’m from Honduras 🇭🇳

What hobbies do you have outside of the gym?

Playing volleyball, taking and editing videos & pics.

How has fitness affected your life?

In a huge way, specially in sports. I always been active by playing sports but I never did weight lifting before and with Forge I’ve increased my conditioning and ability to a higher level on the court.

What is your favorite and least favorite exercise?

favorite excercise is TRX Curls. Least Favorite is LUNGES!!

What is the hardest challenge you have had inside the gym?

Reaching my goals in Squats, Deadlifts & Chin Ups or Pull Ups.

What accomplishment inside Forge-Rx are you most proud of??

Making the Top 3 Wall in 3 different categories at the gym after testing week.

Tell us one thing about you people probably don’t know?

From my mom side of the family, they are all singers and musicians except me… I can’t sing and I didn’t learn how to play any instrument because I got bored while I was learning. Sorry mom! Lol

What is the biggest goal you have accomplished since joining Forge-Rx?

reaching my 3 RM Squat this week! (235lbs)

What do you like best about our classes?

We can choose which class we would like to take depending on our level or goal instead of other gyms that only provide 1 class for everybody.

What do you like best about our coaches?

They listen to us and they always try to provide the best class every single time we workout.

If you could have dinner with one dead or alive celebrity who would it be and why?

Michael Jackson for sure!

What food should not be in your pantry?
Vegetables lol sorry mom!

What is your most embarrassing moment?

In a volleyball match, I went for a ball and slipped and i landed with my butt infront of everybody!!! It was the most embarrassing thing EVER!

Describe your perfect night?
Going out or just gathering with my friends from Honduras, partying  all night. In a healthy way of course!

What is your favorite thing about Forge-Rx?

The classes and the people!

What is your biggest fitness goal moving forward?

Getting bulked and increasing my weight in a healthy way. “
We love your attitude and personality Andrew! You are such a great addition to Forge-Rx
-Forge staff