My blog posts are for me to simply training and nutrition the best I can for you to take ACTION today. For more of an in depth chat about what I am talking about below feel free to email me at because this concept can get really specific, but here we go…

Know your seasons. What exactly do I mean by this? You have to understand what time of year it is for your nutrition and training goals. I speak to too many people, for example, who want to be lean all year, or try and stick to a certain set off macronutrients they got during a 6 week challenge or something. It’s not sustainable. Basically what I am saying is you have to lay out your year. Before I even begin to discuss these “seasons” or “phases.” we all understand that you can’t be lean year round right? Usually this means we are under eating and probably over training. I also want to make myself clear that I am talking about a large majority of people I talk to who are your everyday gym “go’er” who don’t understand training cycles, deloads, bulking phases, mini cuts or are not athletes in the physique lime light who are always under a watchful eye of the public and chose to go to certain extremes that I would never advise for your average Joe or Jane just looking to move and feel better. This post isn’t for them. This post is for Joe/Jane.

You need to be able to break down your year in two to three phases. To keep this post simple all I mean is you need to be able to sit down and evaluate the times of the year when you can allow yourself to eat a little more, gain a little bit of weight, get stronger, and be ok with your body (still looking good), and when you will go through a weight loss phase. Let’s talk your “bulking” or “building” phase. I promise this won’t be negative weight gain, if you do it right. There is a point to this. This might be 3-6 months long and serves a very important place in your year. This time allows for you to build a nutritional base i.e. eat more food. This extra food allows you to lift heavier weight and put some quality muscle on for when you do decide to diet. You can also throw in a small diet or what we call “mini cuts” along the way. Why do you need this time during the year? Well I always ask people would you rather diet on 1500 calories or maybe 1800 to 2000 calories? More food right? It just makes sense! Allowing yourself to take time to eat more food will make when it’s time to diet a lot easier.

Like we chatted about above you know when your “bulking” or “building” phase is. Bulking sounds bad, but is a common term haha. You should also know when you are going to “cut” or “diet,” for something like a beach trip. I would HIGHLY recommend taking at least 4 months to diet down and do this right. This time frame allows you to take things slow. Like I said above you are going to be able to diet on more calories. With a slower weight loss you can try and maintain as much muscle as possible as fat tissue decreases. This also allows you to not go to extremes because you didn’t give yourself enough time to lose weight. With a longer time frame you can also give yourself diet breaks which is really important, because let’s face it, dieting can wreak havoc on you mentally, so taking breaks for a week here and there is very important.

With these two phases you can also give yourself a couple months within the year to maintain your look! Because let’s face it, you worked your a** off to reach your physique goals, so you want to show it off. Along with these phases there is also a reverse dieting phase, but I will leave that for another post.