Last Monday we went to the talk “WOW is in the Why’s: The relationship between nutrition and disease.” by Wendy Campbell.
And we CAN NOT express how much of an inspiration the talk was, and how much it motivated us to help inspire healthy living!
This is our mission.
If you missed Wendy’s talk…below is a discussion very similar to what we experienced.
Give it a listen and let us know what you think…
After you watch the video above…ask yourself if you are ready to help others, or yourself.
And if you are come join us to learn more at…
This Tuesday’s SMOOTHIE PARTY and talk on “When Diet’s Fail…Then What?”
healthy living series 2.jpg
This Saturday for more smoothies PLUS we will have Kombucha, Matcha, and Cold Brew to try and learn more about!
healthy living series.jpg

So…we ask you…are you ready? Will you join?

Any questions feel free to ask!

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