Training on a Single leg is probably one of the most neglected movements is the strength training world.

No surprise, considering when done properly can humble even the strongest person in the room. .

Performing effective single leg patterns involves far more mobility, balance, and coordination than bilateral movements such as the squat or deadlift.

Cheating the pattern or totally neglecting to train on a single leg can lead to lower back, knee, and hip problems down the road. .

We’re not getting any younger and training through constant aches and pains is preventable.

Unless you’re a power lifter (most of us are not), banging your body week after week with heavy bilateral movements can slow your progress.

Single leg training gives us the opportunity to go just as heavy with less weight and far less stress on the spine. .

Moral of the story: Heavy single leg work is hard and people don’t like hard. Don’t be like everyone else. 👊🏻

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