Good Evening.

A very, very, serious topic!

As the day is winding down, you’ve had your supper and are having your before bedtime “chillin time”…I have a few questions?

Do you sleep 7-8 hours and don’t feel rested?

Has your significant other or your family accused you of snoring?

Are you a man with a linebackers neck…and don’t play linebacker anymore?

Are you overweight, fatigued, and snore…man or woman?

Could you have…sleep apnea ???

Good chance you do.

Tired of strapping that CPAP machine to your face every night?

Dreading an upcoming appointment with your “Sleep and Sinus” or “ENT” specialist who suggested a CPAP device?

You don’t have to live like that.

Embrace lifestyle changes, lose weight, and get rid of your CPAP machine.

To your health, wellness, “restful sleep”, longevity, and quality of life…without a CPAP machine !!!

May God inspire your journey !!!