Sunday Vibes…

Start your week off right before Monday even begins.

Sunday is the day!

What does your week look like?

What work, meetings, events with your kids, do you have going on?

Today is the day I take the time to do many things:

Brain dump everything I need to do for the week and put it on paper.

Look at my schedule, and plan when I will workout each day.

Make my grocery list and get what I need for the week, so that I only have to go once or twice instead of multiple times during the week which in turns WASTES my time.

Have an idea of meals I will have eat.

And set my workout clothes out, so I have them when it’s time to workout.

Yes, you need to plan the small things like above!

How many times have you forgotten your shoes when you got to the gym?

This is what I think about on a Sunday, and I hope you do too.

I also watch a movie every Sunday night to unwind and recharge for the week!

Watched Black Panther last night and WOW!