Ahh the pesky scale. I bet you love that thing right? One day it says what you want it too and the other day you want to sling it across the room. Check out this recent conversation I had and what I said. It might surprise you!

“It seems I am at a weight loss plateau. It’s been about 9 days since I have lost any weight and I have been really trying! I’m counting my macros, working out 5 days/week…still…no weight loss. Should I begin to cut calories again?! Workout more?! Start doing more cardio? Any advice?”

Here is what I said…”Be patient. Give it a little longer then let me know. I would take a “diet break” for a week and just eat healthy/normal and maybe mix in a fun food or two then get back on track. Be taking pictures and do some measurements. Weight isn’t all of it remember! Just because there isn’t a weight change doesn’t mean things aren’t happening.”

The response I got included things like ” I was actually able to fit into a pair of jeans this weekend I haven’t in over 7 years.”

You have to understand that the scale isn’t going to drop every week. All that matters is the linear drop in weight. The number on the scale will always play games with your head and contrary to belief sometimes you just need a break instead of going harder. You can’t, and shouldn’t diet all the time plus a break on occasion will often times give you that extra push you need to move forward. So, take a break from your diet and just eat! And try a new exercise class or go use your fitness outside of the gym. Do not EVER add more cardio or slash your calories until you take some time. Understand that how ever long it took you to get to where you are, it might take that long to get to where you want to be. Be patient, take a load off, and give your weight loss goals some time.

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