Let’s get real…

There is no one size fits all nutrition program.

So, stay off your Facebook news feed.

Don’t listen to that Instagram Influencer.

Just listen to you!

What nutrition plan is going to fit your lifestyle?

Just because a ketogenic diet worked for your friend doesn’t mean it will for you.

Paleo is great, but if your goal is to compete in a Spartan race you need more carbs.

Quit hopping on the next diet bandwagon, or next quick weight loss challenge.

Instead, find something that fits your lifestyle.

Ask yourself, can I sustain this?

Will this program give me flexibility?

Do I get date night?

People forget about all the factors they have to think about, but instead…

They take the next magic pill.

You are better than that!

Need guidance? Need accountability? Need someone to help you LEARN TO EAT?!

Check out our upcoming Forge-Rx Nutrition Challenge. Here are the details:

Do you need a kick start?

Some guidance and motivation to get you on the right path with your nutrition and goals?

The Forge-Rx nutrition coaches are excited to be launching a 6 week program on Monday, 9/24/18.




We don’t do quick weight loss programs, but if you are ready to make a change and understand this is a journey then join us.


The challenge will last 6 weeks from October 1st to November 10th, and the male and female winner who make the best improvements inside and out will get a free month membership to our classes as well as some merchandise .


What do you need to do?


Email evan@forge-rx.com with the subject line “I’m in!” or come in Monday, 9/24/18, and sign up at either our Forge-Rx Winder or Braselton location.


The price is $99 ($50 off our regular program)!


You will get a coach to tailor a plan JUST FOR YOU (because we don’t do meal plans), as well as chats every 10 days with your coach.


Sign up starts Monday, 9/24/18, and ends 9/30/18.


Let’s go!