Three things you need to know about me in this picture
1. I’m a bro at heart…ok nevermind I’m just a bro. That’s not a bad thing is it? I remember in my teens when I started lifting weights I would live off watching “Day in the life” videos of IFBB bodybuilders and do what they did. I watched a lot of Jay Cutler videos and one video he explained how he uses scissors to cut his meat. I never looked back!
2. I’ve been writing on my left hand since the start of my fitness kick. Just reminders to myself or a “to-do” list. So no…it’s not a tattoo, birthmark, whatever, I’m just weird. It’s funny watching people try to creep on my hand when having a convo
3. For kicks…steak and rice is the bro-est of meals, but it’s never gotten old for me. I could eat a big bowl of it while watching a bodybuilder on YouTube talk about his life and be be perfectly content.
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-Coach Evan