WARNING: “The Blank Diet” is NOT a Real Diet!

“The Blank Diet” is the YOU fill in the blank…Diet!

Pick ANY diet you want!

Join us next Thursday at Dr Joseph F Pohl, MD office (Suite 365), November 15 at 6pm for his talk on…

“The Myth Busting Diet”

Where we will dispel two myths…

Myth # 1. You must follow the “blank” (fill in the blank!) Diet to lose weight!

Myth # 2. You must follow the “blank” (once again fill in the blank!) Diet to reverse Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and High Cholesterol!

Next Thursday, November 15 at 6pm…

Suite 365 (Dr. Pohl’s office), The 500 Medical Building on the Gwinnett Medical Center Campus in Lawrenceville.

To your health, wellness, “Busting Diet Myths”, longevity and quality of life!