What to do when…

You eat your face off all weekend on vacation.

First let me start by saying when I travel for work I am a lot more mindful.

I would usually resist some foods and make better choices when out.

And be a little more serious about my workouts.

But, I needed a break.

I over ate most meals and definitely made the worst decision on the menu 100% of the time.

What am I thinking as I write this?

My tummy is upset, I’m tired and I feel fat lol.

What I am also thinking is that tomorrow is Monday.

Back on my usual routine…

Making better food choices and my regular training sessions.

In the end, having 20 bad days a year out of the 365 won’t hurt you.

It means you are normal.

I just move on and switch my mindset.

I will feel better this time next week and everything will be behind me.

Try it.