Hold your horses! Let me explain. Intermittent fasting is not a magic diet as it has been led to believe. Hold up…isn’t that every other diet too? Haha. Too many zealots in the nutrition world spitting out false information. PLEASE don’t hop on the next bandwagon. When calories are equated fasting has no benefits over any other diet when it comes to fat loss and muscle building.

“Then why are you about to tell me to intermittent fast?”

Just like anything in diet and exercise you HAVE to find what fits your lifestyle, and fasting might, and here is why…

Are you always ravenous? Like unbelievably hungry all the time? Plus, you also like to get a lot of your chores, errands and work done in the morning, and then enjoy the rest of the day? You also might enjoy training in the afternoon, eating late at night and going to bed late.

The above aren’t necessarily me, but I love to have a bigger meal before I go to bed. It calms me down and helps me sleep. I do eat sparingly throughout the day to be able to eat a bigger meal at night, but I do not fast, but only on occasion.

So, this is why you would fast. Fasting allows you to hold off on eating until you are ready. This might be 10 a.m., noon or even early afternoon. For someone who is always REALLY hungry you have then closed your eating gap which means you can eat bigger meals and more frequently. For someone who loves to eat and A LOT this sounds AMAZING! You are also able to focus in the morning and get your work down and then eat majority of your food around your training.

The only caveat is if your goal is to build muscle and gain weight make sure you are eating enough calories in your eating “window.” You might need to track via a food tracker here and there to make sure.

This method is NOT for someone who works out early in the morning. PERIOD! Do not try and workout early in the morning and wait to eat later in the day. You will feel like your insides are eating themselves.

Maybe you are reading this and thinking to yourself…

“Hmmm, this might totally work for me.”

Give it a try and let me know if it’s a game changer.

-Evan, evan@forge-rx.com