You need a strategy.

A mission.

A clear “WHY” that is YOURS, that will function as a guide that will direct you to your goal through the ups and downs that are life.

Imagine how motivated you will be with your mission in mind?

Your energy, your will, your resiliency.

You can’t be stopped.

“I want to lose weight.”

That’s lame.

WHY do you want to lose weight?

What is the underlying reason that will keep you moving forward.

Write it down…and put it everywhere as a reminder.

Because it’s going to get hard.

Knowing your WHY will help keep your motivation, so that you continuously make the right choices each and every day.

You will slip up.

And that’s ok, but you have a WHY and a mission, to get back on track.

So, what do you want more than anything?

Visualize it, want it so bad, nobody can stop you from reaching the end.

Evan, evan@forge-rx.com