Yesterday I wrote a post about getting up earlier than usual so that you can prep some meals for the day, which will keep you on track to reach whatever your body composition and life goals are.

I wrote that by getting up earlier, I am able to enjoy a morning routine where I don’t feel rushed, and get some work in while others are sleeping, so I don’t have to work later in the day.

My dogs are happy about this 

The conversation was about winning the day.

Which made me open my laptop and write again today about another way you can win the day.

Really, it’s just an add on to yesterdays post, about how your mornings can set you up for success instead of leading you down a rabbit hole of not the best choices.

Today I just wanted to make a point about breakfast.

How do you get your day going?

Bowl of cereal? Pop tart? Just coffee? Nothing?!

Is breakfast the most important meal of the day?

I would argue that EVERY meal is just as important, but for some it might be.

Quit grabbing or heating up what’s convenient and easy, but do what is OPTIMAL.

Get up and make breakfast, or find a place where you can get a hearty meal that will get you going for the day, and give you long sustained energy.

Remember how you feel after the crap you put in your mouth first thing in the morning?

Fatigue? Fog? Sugar rush? Then a crash? And maybe your tummy is upset?

Exactly, get a well balanced meal for breakfast and enjoy the long lasting energy, alertness, and productivity that you enjoy.

Mine has been a couple eggs with added egg whites plus spinach and tomatoes, Ezekiel bread with powdered peanut butter on it, kiwi, and a big glass of water.

I am good to go for hours!

Calling you(and myself) out on this one.