You Can’t Expect Perfection.

It’s the holiday season everyone.

Let’s strive for balance over these next couple weeks instead of perfection.

Please don’t try to “diet.”


Throw your hands up and say “what the hell.”

Tis’ the season to gain a little bit of quality weight and pack on some muscle for when it is beach season.

Just make sure you have a game plan going into every week.

Stay active and be as consistent as you can with your workouts.

The day before a family feast reduce your calories down 200-300 so you can make up for you eating a little bit more.

When you are full, stop, and don’t keep going.

And most importantly, just get back on track the following day.

NEVER beat yourself up if you enjoyed yourself more than you wanted.

A couple bad days a year is better than weeks.

Remember, you have family and friends to enjoy instead of stressing over a piece of pie.

Just eat it 😀

Cheers to nutritional balance and reduced mental craziness when it comes to food over the holidays.