When you think about it, nutrition is almost common sense – extra emphasis on the “almost”. I say this, because it is interesting hearing what people go through trying to reach their weight goals, when in reality they only need to go by the saying “You get out what you put in”. You here of some people starving themselves or eat a lot less than normal in order to lose weight or some people force feed themselves lean meats in order to help them gain muscle mass. Despite exercising regularly, why haven’t you seen the results you feel you earned? The one common denominator in both of these cases is the nutrients taken in.

When you see people lose too much weight you think, they’re not eating enough. So just by what you see one would think in order for me to lose weight, I should not eat as much, or I should starve myself. But all you need to remember is you get out what you put in. The reason why that tactic may not work as well as you would think it would is because in order to lose weight, the calories needed to be burned, calories come from nutrients that you get in food. You cannot burn off calories that are not present, because you did not eat. You get out what you Put in.

The other way around – when you see people gain too much weight, you have the assumption that they eat a lot. So you think to yourself, well I am not going to gain fat but muscle, because I eat a lot, but I work out regularly so all of that fat will turn into muscle. Exactly what are you eating that is helping you gain muscle? When people say this they are thinking about protein quantity instead of quality. There are vegan body builders, so exactly how is it they are gaining muscles, but you aren’t? They are eating the correct proteins, which in this case would come from vegetables. It is not about how much of what you put in as opposed to exactly what you put in.

What people do not realize about weight gain and weight loss is they are all about what you are putting in your body. 10,000 hours at the gym does not mean anything if you have the same terrible eating habits you did at hour 1. Think about the weight goal you would like to meet. What did you put in your body to feel like that goal is what you should get out.

  • Dash, Forge-Rx Trainer