You might be doing your “fish oils” wrong!

I am sure you know there are less fish in the sea?

And that most fish oils are coming from mass polluted parts of the world?

I hope so!

Which means you should be getting your fish oil from a whole food plant based option.

And did you also know fish don’t make omegas? They eat algae which is where the omegas come from(oops 😁).

Plus most fish oil products heat incapsulate the oil which means 1/2 of the oil is most likely oxidized and damaged(yikes 😳).

So when looking for an omega product make sure you are getting the full spectrum of omegas(3,5,6, and 9), the product is cold pressed, and vegan capsulated.

Benefits of adding omegas to your diet:

Less split ends
Healthier skin and nails
Decreased brain fog
And reduces inflammation!

So make sure you are doing your “fish oils” right!

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