What Hormone Replacement Therapy Does To Your Body

What Hormone Replacement Therapy Does To Your Body

Hormone replacement therapy can be one of the most exciting, yet unsure times for anyone who is transitioning. One common question is how hormone replacement therapy can affect someone’s body. If you want more information or to talk to our doctor about hormone therapy you can contact Forge-RX today or text “hrt” to (678)-300-1906.

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Physical Changes

One common change that happens in people who are on testosterone hormone therapy is the thickening of their vocal cords, which results in a deeper voice. One other common change is the increase of body hair on your chest, back, face, and arms. In addition, your skin will become more thick and oily, which may result in acne for some.

For those on estrogen hormone therapy, the opposite of these effects will happen, except for changes in vocal pitch. Oftentimes, those on estrogen hormone therapy require vocal coaching if they wish to modify their voice.

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Weight Changes

During hormone therapy, muscle mass is likely to be effected as well as strength. At the same time, fat around the hips and thighs can be effected. The rate that this happens depends on many factors including diet and exercise. While going throughhormone therapy, muscle mass and weight gain should be something taken into consideration.

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Emotional Changes

For those on estrogen, you may have a wider range of emotions whereas those on testosterone may have a narrower range of emotions. Although psychotherapy is not for everyone, it can be very beneficial to see a therapist while going through hormone therapy to help you with any new emotions you may feel during the process.

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Reproductive Changes

One common change during estrogen hormone therapy is a reduction in sperm production. This effect could be permanent, so if you have plans of wanting to be a parent, it is best to discuss hormone therapy with your doctor before starting.

Hormone therapy can cause major changes in your body and can often seem overwhelming. Forge-RX is here to answer any questions you have about hormone therapy and can direct you to our experienced doctor to discuss the best method for you. Start your journey with us today!

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