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Forge-RX is proud to offer a childcare playroom in our full-service fitness center. It is our mission to provide quality childcare in a safe, sanitary, and welcoming environment while you enjoy the full benefits of our workout facility. Our relaxed and fun atmosphere in Forge Kids will keep your child safe and entertained so that you can focus your time without worry.

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About Our PlayRoom

Our childcare playroom at Forge-RX gym offers numerous benefits for our members. Parents can workout with peace of mind knowing that their children are taken care of. Our dedicated staff provides supervision and ensures that kids have a fun time while parents focus on their fitness goals. The playroom also fosters social interaction among children, promoting teamwork and communication skills from a young age. With a variety of toys and activities, children can stay active and entertained while their parents enjoy their workout, creating a positive experience for the whole family.

Forge Kid's care


Monday – Thursday: 9am-1pm & 4pm-8pm

Friday -Saturday: 9am-1pm

Sunday: Closed

We want your child to have an enjoyable and safe experience. Please follow our basic guidelines:

  • Children ages 6 weeks to 13 years are welcome in our childcare.

  • Members must complete an information/waiver card on EACH child for our records.

  • Members can only bring the children they have registered in our system.

  • There is a two-hour maximum. Please plan your workouts accordingly.

  • The playroom is available during the posted hours of operation. You are required to sign your child in and out each time you visit.

  • If someone other than the person dropping the child off will be picking up the child, the caregiver must be notified. An I.D. is required for pick up.

  • You must remain in the gym while your child is in our childcare.

  • Forge Kids employees are not allowed to change diapers or feed children. If needed they will notify you.

  • Snacks and drinks are not allowed in the Forge Kids room. There is a snack bar outside the room if they need to use it before coming in.

  • We provide a variety of safe and age-appropriate toys. Please refrain from bringing toys from home. We will not be held responsible for lost or stolen toys.

  • We will keep lost and found items for a total of 30 days. If not claimed in 30 days they will be given to Goodwill.

These rules are not limited to those listed above and are subject to change as we deem necessary.


“Very friendly staff, great atmosphere and state of the art equipment! Our kids also love the childcare area and the ladies in there. Hands down, the best gym around. We don’t mind driving 17 miles to workout!”


Forge-Rx Member – 5★

“This gym is amazing! It’s affordable, all the equipment is new and the best of the best. Everyone is so friendly and helpful!! All of the trainers are amazing! They keep you motivated and make u want to keep pushing to do more. And I couldn’t ask for better childcare! My girls ask everyday if we are going to the gym and if Jessie is going to be there!!”

– Deanna

Forge-Rx Member -5★

“I found my sweet girl fast asleep after my workout at CrossFit Winder. Thank you Forge Kids for taking care of her so I can take care of me!”

– Amber

Forge-Rx & CrossFit Winder Member -5★

* Childcare is included in select Membership Options

Don't let childcare be a barrier to reaching your fitness goals. At Forge-RX, we've got you covered with our premium childcare playroom. Enjoy your workout knowing your children are in a safe and nurturing environment. Join us at our Winder or Braselton fitness center and experience the convenience and peace of mind our childcare services provide. Your fitness journey starts here — sign up now!

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