4 Reasons To Book IV Hydration Therapy

4 Reasons To Book IV Hydration Therapy

IV hydration is nothing new; we have been using them in medical settings for years. However, IV spas have become more trendy and can include many health benefits. Hydration is one of the most important components of any post-workout routine. If you are looking to learn more about IV hydration therapy and give it a try, contact Forge-RX today to set up your first appointment at our Winder or Braselton locations.



It’s always important to ensure you stay hydrated before, during, and after a workout. However, water does not carry all the electrolytes and nutrients your body needs. Drinking electrolyte drinks are not always the most efficient either because it can take tiem for them to absorb into the body. IV hydration works almost instantaneously by delivering those nutrients your body needs right where they are needed.

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Improved Cognitive Function

Your body requires sodium and potassium for healthy brain function. By taking advantage of IV hydration, you are helping fuel your brain and giving it the nutrients like sodium and potassium to help it perform at its peak . Need to be more focused at work or just fatigued after a workout? Chances are your brain may need more nutrients to keep your energy up and that’s where IV hydration comes in.

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It’s Easier on the Digestive System

By not having to ingest bottles of electrolytes, you are putting less stress on your digestive system by choosing IV hydration. Your gut can only hold so much fluid before it can make you feel full or even sick. Some people may even have digestive problems when ingesting electrolyte drinks or want an alternative that does not have as much sugar. IV therapy is perfect for anyone that is trying to stay sugar-free.

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Improved Recovery Time

Since IV hydration efficiently gets nutrients where they are needed, you can spend less time recovering from an intense workout. Sore muscles and stiffness can become an issue after a workout and with IV therapy, you can decrease this possibility and get back to feeling recovered in no time.

Even though IV hydration is still a fairly new concept outside of a medical setting, it can havepromising results for athletes, recovering addicts, and even office workers looking to have more energy after work. Learn more about IV hydration and schedule your first appointment for your custom IV hydration therapy with Forge-RX today.

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