Amazing Feats of Human Strength

”Strength and growth come only through continuous effort” – Napoleon Hill

Throughout history, the competitive spirit and the human desire to improve and achieve continues to grow. As people have discovered what they are capable of, they seek to push the boundaries and relentlessly pursue the quest for ultimate greatness. Join us in today’s post as we tell the stories of some of the world’s greats.

Great British Swim

”Strength does not come from a physical capacity, but from an indomitable will.”  – Gandhi

Athletes of all variations can attest to the true test of human physical strength that swimming requires. While it is one of the lowest impact exercises, it requires the use of every muscle in the body as well as the cardiovascular system. In November 2018, the United Kingdom’s Ross Edgley — who you may recognize as the guy who rope climbed the height of Mount Everest or the guy who swam 100 kilometers with a 100 pound log tied to him — didn’t think that taking on the challenge of the longest open water swim was enough, he wanted to also be the first human to swim around the Great Britain peninsula. And he dominated it. For 157 days Edgley swam in six-hour sleep-swim rotations for the entirety of the 2,000 mile stretch of open water, while never touching land.

Fastest Beast on Two Feet

”Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach to the stars to change the world.”  – Harriet Tubman

Running is arguably one of the most difficult and disciplined sports that man competes in. Testing the strength of human endurance, running is not an exercise that comes easily, let alone running long distance and lighting fast speeds. However, for Kenya’s Eliud Kipchonge, running is just a part of his seemingly normal life. Kipchonge made his marathon debut only five years ago, quickly becoming known as a humble contender. In 2017, Nike commissioned him and two other world-class runners to attempt to break the two-hour marathon. Kipchonge ran the fastest recorded marathon at 2:00:25! Due to some administrative issues, this marathon does not count as the world record, but in 2018 he ran a 2:01:39 — that’s 4:38 per mile for 26.2 consecutive miles — at the Berlin Marathon and holds the official world record for the fastest marathoner, ever.

Weight Is Just a Number

”No matter how good you get, you can always get better and that’s the exciting part!.”  – Tiger Woods

For anyone who lifts, it is well known that the deadlift is the ultimate strengthening exercise. And, also one of the most dangerous. If not performed correctly, or performed correctly with too much weight, it can literally destroy the human body. However, done correctly, it can shape you perfectly in all the right places! For the United Kingdom’s Eddie Hall, there doesn’t seem to be a weight too great for him to lift! In 2016, Hall shattered the previous world record by successfully completing a 500 kilogram — that’s 1,102.3 pounds — deadlift! To put that into perspective Arnold Schwarzenegger’s personal best was 710 pounds, which is nothing to scoff at. Hall also holds the record for the partial deadlift at 536 kilograms (1181.7 pounds), which means he could not complete the full deadlift, but successfully got the weight off the ground and that’s an accomplishment in our book.

Fitness Training at Forge RX

”You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”  – Zig Zigler

At Forge RX, we cannot promise that you will reach physical feats of world-record proportion, but we can promise to show you the strength inside you and what you are capable of. We provide the encouraging environment for athletes of any ability level to grow and strengthen. Whether you struggle to find the time or motivation or you are a current elite athlete, our fitness trainers and fitness classes can elevate your abilities to the next level. Join us in setting new personal bests and discovering the stronger you. Stop by our Winder or Braselton location for more information on how to get started on your fitness journey today!