Fitness Is Important for Parents

Having a child is hard work. For both new moms and dads, being a parent is a 24/7 job with no vacation days. Because your time is devoted to your little one, you might not have any more time for anything else. It is unfortunate, but most parents have to give up a lot in order to dedicate their time to their children.
In this blog, we will discuss how Forge-RX can make your fitness journey considerably easier. With daycare services and fitness coaches, we can get you back on track and healthy.

Fitness and New Mothers

It is common for parents to gain weight during and after a pregnancy. Mothers are in charge of the huge task of carrying a growing fetus for nine months and then feeding the baby once it is born. Due to the size mothers can grow to, exercising can go to the wayside. And, while pregnant, some mothers indulge themselves and eat less than healthy foods. Due to this, mothers tend to gain more baby weight and struggle to work it off after the baby is born. Being a mother is a full-time job and gives you very little time to do the things you used to before the pregnancy. Small things that you took for granted, such as going to the grocery store, eating a meal, or attending the gym are considerably harder to do.

Fitness and New Fathers

The good news is that if there is a two-parent dynamic, moms and dads can take turns watching the baby while the other goes to the gym. Just as mothers can gain weight while pregnant, fathers can too. This weight gain is called Couvade syndrome or “sympathy weight.” This occurs when the opposite spouse of the expected mother begins to have symptoms of pregnancy, such as weight gain, irritability, morning nausea, and disturbed sleeping patterns. It is possible that most of this weight gain can be attributed to both spouses eating similar foods at the same time. Also, spouses can feel so overwhelmed by baby-prepping that they often will skip the gym. Because of this, in many pregnancies fathers or opposite spouses will gain a considerable amount of weight during the pregnancy.

Solutions for Weight Gain

Once the baby comes, your life is consumed by nightly feedings, daytime naps, and small traces of time when the baby is awake. The first couple of months will be difficult to get out and go to the gym. However, the older your baby is, the more likely you will be able to get out of your house and go do the thing you want to. And, when children are a little bit older they are more likely to adapt to new surrounding and new people. For example, daycares are always available to help care for your child while you have to run errands or while you are at work.
Forge-RX understands that having a new baby can be difficult, but being healthy is important too. After all, you are only helpful to your baby if you are healthy. Being out of shape can make you lazy and vulnerable to viruses. Exercise is a lot more than getting a six-pack. Working out improves blood circulation, heart health, muscle development, and even mental health. Because exercise is such an important part of your everyday life, Forge-Rx has created our own daycare. This way, parents can freely come to our gym and get the exercise they need.


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