For a long time, being the lone wolf in exercise was perfectly acceptable. You had runners logging miles on their own and a gym full of people lifting weights or working with a personal gym trainer, to swimmers swimming laps and cyclists paving the back roads — everyone was on their own. Nowadays, warehouses and gyms are chock-full of people improving their fitness — together.

The wellness trifecta — nutrition, fitness, health — can arguably add a fourth component of community. At Forge-Rx, we focus on building a better well-being not only with fitness and nutrition but as a group — powered by community. Working out alone can be frustrating and lonely at times, so having a group to help keep you on course provides accountability and better fitness outcomes! Join us today as we explore how group fitness classes can elevate your fitness!

Don’t Go It Alone — The Case for Group Fitness

There are so many benefits a group fitness class can bring, so if you haven’t tried one yet, check us out in our Winder or Braselton location.


Many times when you work out alone, it’s easier to make excuses on why working out today doesn’t need to happen. You’ll barter and justify things with yourself, such as “I ate really healthy today, so I don’t need movement.” or “I’m still really sore, I need to rest.” When you have a group of people that you work out with a couple times a week, they notice when you’re gone. Perhaps it’s slight peer pressure, but it’s the healthy kind. People want you to be present and they want to see you succeed, so your coach and peers may ask you why you skipped out — so the reason better be good!

Unending Resources and Knowledge

The beauty of being in a group is each person knows something a little different that can help you in your wellness journey. Perhaps you have a cranky knee from a surgery in the past and you’re not sure how to accommodate it. As it turns out, someone else in the group had the same surgery and can help you make modifications, while another person is a nutritionist and can give you the best foods and supplements to take for inflammation. You’ll always have people around who have the answers or can help you find them — fitness related or not!


When you work out in a group, naturally, there is a motivation coupled with healthy competition that will make your fitness journey so much more fun! It will also give you a reason to go to the gym, so unless you’re a person who can wake up at 5 am in the bitter cold darkness of a Georgia winter and go for a run, a fitness class will help you stay motivated in the really harsh times.

Social time

If you work in an office job where you’re on the computer all day and don’t have much live interaction, a group fitness class can help you engage with people while getting healthy! Enjoy laughing, joking, and just being around other people who share in the common joy of fitness. If you’re single, this is also a great place to meet new people and spark a potential romance! Group classes are a wonderful place to build a community and group of friends that you can do life with both in the gym and outside of it.


The more you show up to a fitness class the more relationships you’ll build and the more support you’ll gain. Whether they all know you want to lose 10 pounds or get your first pull-up, they’re all there to cheer you on in your endeavors. A study by the National Institute of Health (NIH), discovered that people who participate in a group fitness exercise class are 95 percent more likely to finish the class and weight-loss program than those who go it alone. The group was also 42 percent more likely to keep the weight off.

If you haven’t found success training alone, try a group fitness class. A fitness class provides accountability, knowledge and resources, motivation, social time, and support.

Join our community today and start your the health and wellness journey with us at Forge-Rx today! Call for a schedule of classes!