1. Mobility Monday – Hip Flexor

    Anterior hip flexor with band distraction is a great movement to throw in the mix. When performing squeeze the glutes then drive the hips forward.    Benefits of Performing this Stretch: Increased Hip Mobility Postural Restoration Improved Squat Mechanics…Read More

  2. Why the Kettle Bell Swing? 

    ​With jobs, kids, a social life, and an all-around busy schedule, we are always in search of how we can get the most out of our training sessions and in the fastest amount of time. Enter the Kettlebell Swing. Just ask any typical “bro” at the gym, the Kettlebell swing is probably the first thi…Read More

  3. Wellness Wednesday from Dr. Pohl

    Good Morning and Happy Weight and Wellness Wednesday.  Today's AJC Living Section Weight Loss success story features an 82 year old gentleman who lost 30lbs going from 200lbs (BMI 30.4) to 170lbs (BMI 25.8). Congratulations to him! Several take home messages. When his wife was diagnosed with rheuma…Read More

  4. Liquid Calories over the Holidays – Dr. Pohl

    Good Morning and Happy Weight and Wellness Wednesday. As we navigate through the Holiday Season and want to minimize the caloric damage, don't forget liquid calories. I am referring to the ones in addition to sodas and juices. A standard 1.5 ounce serving of 80 proof alcohol has about 100 calories..…Read More

  5. Damage Control from the Holidays – Dr. Pohl

    Good Morning and Happy Tuesday. As per my post yesterday, the next 6 Monday-Tuesday combinations, including yesterday and today, do not fall on any seasonal holidays or weekends. To keep the damage from holiday eating to a minimum, consider making the next 5 Monday-Tuesday combinations rich in fruit…Read More

  6. Meatless Monday From Dr. Pohl

    Good Morning and Happy Meatless Monday, and the eve of Meatless Tuesday. I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. We are in the holiday season now and guess what? Shopping? Yes, but looks like onsite shopping has been replaced with Internet shopping, judging from the sparse crowds on Black Friday. W…Read More

  7. A Message From Dr. Pohl

    Have you joined the Meatless Monday-Tuesday, 1-2 punch, focusing 2 days out of the week on vegetables? A frequently overlooked benefit of good nutrition and exercise is...your mental health. Specifically dementia, also known as senility, is a broad category of brain diseases that cause a long term d…Read More

  8. Les Mills Launch

    Why are people so excited about Group Fitness at Forge-RX? Join us for a sample of each Les Mills Program we offer! The Class is Free and Childcare is Provided! This 2 Hour Power Packed Class will feature: BodyPump BodyAttack GRIT Plyo GRIT Strength GRIT Cardio BodyJam BodyFlow The class begins at …Read More

  9. Holiday Hours

    'Tis the season! The holidays are already here! With that being said, our holiday hours will slightly differ from our normal operation times. HOLIDAY HOURS: Thanksgiving Day (November 26th): Closed Christmas Eve (December 24th): 5:00am - 3:00pm Christmas Day (December 25th): Closed New Years Eve (De…Read More

  10. Common Training Myths Busted

    Common training myths busted from the guys of Barbell Shrugged. In this video they go over common myths people beleive to be true in training such as the function of lactic acid in muscular fatigue, Creatine, muscle mass and endurance, ladies.. listen up! This is a good one for our female athelets o…Read More