Something I hear on a daily basis as a trainer and in just day to day life is that protein comes from cows or chickens. And in order to get bigger I need all the protein I can get. With me being me I’m constantly correcting people. So for one more time. Protein does not come from animals! In fact it’s actuality a secondhand recycled protein. The animal that ate the real proteins has taken the food through the whole digestive process and the “protein “ is stored in the muscles. Thus coining the secondhand recycled protein.For ages we’ve heard protein comes from cows and chicken. We’ve been told that in order to gain muscle you’d basically need to eat muscles to gain muscles. But that couldn’t be the furthest thing from the truth. If we look at it from a “strongman” standpoint. The strongest living thing on the plantet doesn’t even eat meat.  In fact any animal on the planet that provides “protein” doesn’t eat meat. The gorilla, one of the strongest primates on earth, eats primarily fruits and leaves. With the occasional nut and seed. Now top 3 strongest living things on earth doesn’t eat meat and people are taught to believe that eating meat will make you stronger etc. No. Not true. It’s nothing more than a myth. If we’re being completely honest the human body isn’t even conducive to eat meat in some situations. From a molar aspect and even a digestion standpoint. Yes we have canine teeth we aren’t able to take an animal and eat into it bare skin without it being cooked or the muscles broken down in some manner. Although you’ll get some “protein” benefits from certain animals, the consequences of the inflammation outweigh the gains if your diet isn’t in order. The body’s best source of protein is based in the same facets that every other animal on this planets best source of protein is. And that’s in vegetables. Simple. I promise adding more leafy dark greens and a variety of veggies and fruits will provide you and your body better than an artificially synthesized concoction. With all that I leave you something to ponder on in your free time “ there’s 50-80,000 plants and vegetables on this planet and we only eat the same 3 dead animals, why is that?”
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Enjoy your day!
-Joshua Hunter